Everything Nice

Everything Nice 2.86

Transform ordinary ingredients like buttons, candy and fluff into wonderful toys
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Everything Nice is a very fast-paced time management game in which you should help Abby manage a toy factory. The tasks mainly involve collecting raw materials for the toys, putting them in the conveyor belt, packing them, and dragging them into the shipping pallet. However, every toy has an exclusive combination of raw materials that you should remember in order to create the right toys. The customer's orders are represented by toys moving across the conveyor belt, and if you fail to complete the toy before it falls to the ground, you lose it. On the contrary, if you successfully complete the order before the toy falls, you earn money that is necessary to reach a certain goal per level. There are also upgrades that can be purchased in between levels which are useful to help Abby complete the toys faster or simply decorate the shop in order to attract more customers. What I didn't like is that some clickable areas are small and sometimes it was difficult to drag the objects from one place to the other. The game can be challenging and you can feel overwhelmed by so much pressure, since you need to think of the ingredients at the same time paying attention to the toys that are being processed.
The game has excellent graphics, sound effects, and music, and it can also be played in full screen or window mode. It includes 48 levels and two modes: Story, and Endless Day, so it is relatively long. All in all, Everything Nice is a game designed for those who are experienced in time management games and are looking for a more challenging and fast-paced alternative.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Challenging
  • Long
  • Two game modes
  • Power-ups and trophies


  • Small clickable areas
  • Hard to remember toys' recipes
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